Mark Thackery

Shooby Doo

I am a happy-go-lucky person with an exceptional sense of humour. Born in Sheffield, UK and raised by a great loving family. My mum and dad are known to friends as “doted”. They are the best mum and dad I could ever have. I respect and love them wholeheartedly. They have trusted as well as supported me in every challenge that life has ever thrown at me. Surely, it has not been all “biscuits and cream”, but the devotion and love have always been there. I am the baby of the family with two older brothers that I love dearly. The eldest is an international runner and nurse, while the middle one lives his life in Portugal. I grew up in a neighbourhood called Darnall with a group of amazing friends. This is where my life has started but not where it carries on (hehe). There I was trained to be a Smither and later a government worker. At that point, I realised that England was not for me and said to myself: “Portugal, here I come!” There in Albufeira, I ran entertainment bars for nearly a decade, made loads of friends from all over the world that have become like one big family to me. You know who you are (wink wink)! As usual yearning for more, this time, I decided to move to Canada seeking true love. Now I am on a new life road exploring the realms of entertainment, doing what I do best: spreading my love and happiness to everyone and everything, as I exclaim “Shooby doo!” again and again.